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Hyperbaric Oxygen After Surgery in Manchester & Cheshire

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, also called HBOT, is a treatment that involves breathing pure oxygen in a purpose-built, pressurised chamber. It speeds up wound healing and boosts post-operative recovery, particularly with cosmetic surgery. This treatment aims to increase oxygen levels in the body, which can help patients recover from surgery in various ways.

At CLNQ in Cheshire & Manchester hyperbaric oxygen after surgery is gaining popularity since it speeds up the healing process in just a few sessions. A person's lungs can take in more oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber because of the higher internal pressure. After being circulated throughout the body, the oxygenated blood delivers oxygen to tissues and cells that may not be receiving enough because of the wound or injury.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Help After Surgery?

The body's ability to produce more white blood cells is one of the primary ways that hyperbaric oxygen after surgery can accelerate the healing process following surgery. Increasing the white blood cells in this way plays an important role in the immune system's ability to ward off infection and promote healing. With hyperbaric oxygen after surgery Manchester & Cheshire patients will receive a boost in the formation of white blood cells by raising oxygen levels in the body, improving wound healing and lowering the risk of infection.

Hyperbaric oxygen after surgery in Manchester & Cheshire not only has advantages for white blood cells, it also aids in reducing inflammation. A normal reaction to an injury or operation is inflammation, but excessive or ongoing inflammation can hinder the healing process. By supplying the body with extra oxygen, hyperbaric oxygen post-op can lessen inflammation and speed up the healing process. HBOT also has the ability to speed up the healing of wounds, which can help with post-operative recovery. The body's ability to absorb more oxygen may aid in promoting the development of new blood vessels, which is crucial for wound healing. Additionally, the chamber's pressured environment may assist in enhancing circulation, which may facilitate the healing process even more.

Oxygen therapy has many advantages, but it's important to remember that only some are candidates for it. Hyperbaric oxygen after surgery may not be safe for patients with specific medical conditions, such as lung illness or a history of embolism. Patients who recently underwent specific types of surgery, such as ear or eye surgery, may also not be suitable for this procedure. We will discuss with you suitability for the treatment during your consultation. In conclusion, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, especially for those undergoing cosmetic surgery, can be a useful technique for enhancing post-operative recovery. Nevertheless, it's crucial to carefully assess whether this course of treatment is right for you. Whatever your unique medical needs, we offer free consultations to discuss this with one of our skilled team members.

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