Olivia Attwood Price of Perfection

Olivia Attwood's new ITV show the Price of Perfection looks at the world of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery.  In the series, Olivia Attwood covers different parts of the body from the face to the bottom.  CLNQ's plastic surgeon Mr Reza Nassab was featured on the breast episode performing a breast augmentation procedure.  Our doctor Kajal Babamiri was featured on the third episode which was about the bottom.

During the episode, Olivia Attwood visited our CLNQ Manchester clinic at Deansgate Square.  She interviewed our patient Kirsty who was considering having intimate lightening.  This is commonly referred to as anal bleaching.  Dr Babamiri explained to Olivia Attwood how the procedure worked and the benefits of this treatment.  Intimate hyperpigmentation or darkening of the intimate areas such as the bottom or vagina is a common issue for many people.

We use the Dermalan Intimate products by Mesoestetic for this treatment.  The procedure involves an in clinic session where our team will apply a mask to the area which has intense depigmentation action. This is then followed by a course of at home products. The Dermamelan intimate has a dual action, which are corrective and regulatory, to treat the root of the problem by controlling the overproduction of pigment to keep them from reappearing.

The procedure is painless but may cause some redness and feel hot.  This usually settles after 24-48 hours.  The area may peel gradually following the treatment which is normal.

Olivia Attwood Price of Perfection Anal Bleaching