Morpheus8 is a fractional radiofrequency skin treatment that stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis.  This can be used on the face and body to improve lines, wrinkles and skin laxity. The device allows adjustment of energy delivered and penetration depth for treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and skin texture.  Morpheus8, radiofrequency skin tightening, is used on many parts of the face and body including the jawline, neck, hands, abdomen and knees. Our doctors use nerve blocks to help reduce pain and discomfort experienced with this procedure.


The Inmode Morpheus8 is an internationally renowned skin tightening treatment used by many celebrities. The device is FDA approved which means it has undergone extensive testing and been shown to be an effective treatment in medical studies. The Morpheus8 is part of the BodyTite platform device which can be used for FaceTite, BodyTite, AccuTite and BreastTite.

The treatment uses a probe with micropins to heat the deeper layers of the skin with little downtime.  These can penetrate up to 4mm in depth targeting the dermis and subdermis. By penetrating the dermis the Morpheus8 stimulates collagen production. Morpheus8 is safe in all skin types including dark skin types with little risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Results begin to appear within a few days but most noticeable results take a few weeks. The results continue to improve for up to 3 months. You should have at least 2-3 treatments at 4-6 weeks apart for the best results.

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The Morpheus8 radiofrequency device can be used on various parts of the face and body.  These areas include:

  • Around the eyes - There is a 12 pin tip that can be used for the periorbital region.
  • Face - The 24 pin tip is commonly used for the face and neck area.
  • Neck - The décolletage can be treated with Morpheus8 to improve the fine lines in the area.
  • Body - There is a 40 pin Body tip that has Burst mode technology.  This has been specifically designed for the body and tummy.
  • Arms and Legs - The Morpheus8 can be used for the arms and legs to help improve skin laxity in these areas.



Morpheus8 Reviews

The results have been absolutely amazing. I've noticed a real plumpness to my skin and it's much tighter.

Amanda Holden

I'd say Morpheus8 has taken at least 10 years off my appearance. I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the result, my skin is fresher, clearer, and I feel much better about myself.

Judy Murray

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