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Earlobes can become partially or completely split by trauma or gradually over time with prolonged wearing of earrings.  Split lobe repair is a procedure to surgically repair the earlobe.


30 mins

From £495

Return to work

Ear lobes may split or stretch with time after use of ear rings.   This can result in either a split ear lobe or widened piercing hole.  The widening of earlobe hole may cause problems with wearing earrings or earrings falling out.  The aim of the earlobe repair is to close the existing piercing hole or completely repair the split.  Earlobe repair surgery is a relatively simple procedure performed under a local anaesthetic.

The surgeon will inject the earlobe to make it numb before the procedure.  The existing split or piercing hole skin edges are then excised.  The freshened edges are then brought together and stitched.  The repair then takes a few weeks to fully strengthen.

Split Earlobe Before and Afters

How is earlobe repair done?

Earlobe repair is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic.  The surgeon will inject the area to make it numb before the procedure.  We then excise the existing piercing hole or skin edges if there is a complete split.  The surgeon will then suture the skin together with stitches.

What are the risks of split earlobe repair?

Split earlobe repair is performed under local anaesthetic.  The procedure involves suturing of the split using dissolvable stitches. The potential risks with earlobe repair include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is split earlobe repair?

Split earlobe repair is a procedure to correct partially or complete split earlobes either following trauma or gradually splitting of the piercing.  

When can I go back to work after earlobe surgery?

Earlobe repair surgery is a local anaesthetic outpatient procedure.  Most people will go back to work the next day.  You will normally have some skin glue covering the repair.

How long does earlobe repair surgery take?

The earlobe repair procedure is usually about 15-30 minutes and performed with you awake under a local anaesthetic.

When can I pierce the earlobe after earlobe repair?

We usually recommend waiting between 2-3 months after the earlobe repair before you re-pierce the earlobe.

How much is a split earlobe repair?

The price for split earlobe repair starts from £495.  This is the price for repair on one side.  The price for split earlobe repair on both sides is £950.  The prices for stretched earlobes are found on the stretched lobe page. 

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