Belly Button Piercing Repair

Belly button piercing repair is performed under local anaesthetic in patient who would like to close the hole from their belly button piercing.


30 mins


From £950

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1 day

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The belly button piercing repair is a procedure to close the hole that is made when you have your belly button pierced.  There was a trend for belly button piercings years ago and many people have subsequently removed the belly button bars or accessories.  There is a hole left behind from the tract created from the piercing.  The piercing leaves a hole above the belly button and on the upper inner part of the belly button.  This procedure helps to close the holes caused by belly button piercings.

belly button piercing repair

How is the belly button repair performed?

The belly button piercing repair is a minor surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic.  The surgeon will inject the area to make it numb before the procedure.  Our experienced surgeon will then remove the piercing tract underneath the skin.  The surgeon will then suture the skin together with stitches.  There will be a scar just above the belly button and on the upper inner part of the belly button where the piercing holes used to be.

What does the belly button surgery do?

This belly button or umbilical surgery is used to repair the tract and holes made during a belly button piercing.  The procedure is performed in our CQC registered clinic by our plastic surgeons.  The holes from your existing piercing are closed.  This is similar to having an earlobe repair procedure.

belly button repair before and after

What are the risks of the belly button piercing repair?

The belly button repair surgery is performed under local anaesthetic.  The procedure involves removing the existing piercing tract and   suturing the old piercing holes closed. The potential risks with the procedure include:

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