Mepiform Silicone Sheet


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Mepiform is a silicone sheet dressing that is used for scar management.  The sheets are self-adherent and can be re-used a few times.  The sheet can be cut to the size of the scar and applied.  We recommend that you firstly clean the scar and then massage the scar with any simple moisturiser.  The dry the scar and surrounding area.  The Mepiform is then cut to the size of the scar and applied.  This is then left in place for as long as possible.  You can remove the sheet when you are having a shower or bath.  The same sheet can be reapplied after you have washed. The Mepiform sheets come in a pack of 5 sheets each measuring 5 x 7 cm.  We recommend using Mepiform silicone sheets following a tummy tuck or breast lift.