Covid-19 PCR Test


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The Covid-19 PCR test is a self-administered nose and throat swab to detect active infection with SARS-Cov-2.  The test is sent to your chosen address with instructions on how to perform it.  The sample is then placed in a prepaid package and sent directly to our laboratory for analysis. Once the screening kit has been sent to you or the test has been performed, there will be no refunds available. Although we do our best to process your test as quickly as possible we cannot guarantee results within a certain time period.  The results are usually available 48-72 hours after being received by the laboratory.  The laboratory that processes the tests is the largest independent laboratory in the UK and deal with large volumes of tests so there may sometimes be delays. We cannot take any responsibility for any travel disruptions due to delays in results and not liable for any losses due to delays in test results. If you require any further assistance please email us on  If you are ordering more than one test we will need the full details of the people having the tests.  We will contact you to obtain these after the order is placed.

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