Day 2 and 8 Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Testing

The UK government requires Covid testing when returning to the UK from certain countries.  The tests are usually at Day 2 and some countries require a test at Day 8.  The Covid-19 PCR swab test  is used to identify if you have active infection.  At CLNQ, we offer the Covid-19 PCR test for Day 2 and 8.

The Government guidance on travel is constantly being updated and more information can be found on their website here. If you are returning to the UK from a foreign country there will be some requirements for quarantine and testing depending on the country you have visited.  The traffic light system was set up and countries classified into Green, Amber and Red.  The Red countries will require testing and quarantine for 10 days on arrival in a managed quarantine hotel.  The rules for Amber list countries will a test on Day 2 and 8 following arrival into the UK.  If you have received both vaccinations you will not need to quarantine or take the Day 8 test.  Green list countries also require a Day 2 test on arrival into the UK.

The Day 2 and 8 tests are self administered.  Our team will be available in clinic to provide support and we will arrange the samples to be sent to the laboratory for analysis.  The turn around is usually 24 hours from the laboratory receiving the sample.  If you have the test in clinic before 3pm, you will usually have the result available by the end of the following day.

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